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   Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Commercial Vehicle Engineer is the multi-award-winning online monthly for road transport engineers and fleet managers, delivering a unique blend of independent, well-informed analysis, hard-hitting comment and news on the commercial vehicle market and aftermarket. The June 2017 edition is now online, including news of how the fuel economy claims of manufacturers of vans and other light commercial vehicles have been shown to be just as wildly inaccurate as official car fuel consumption figures. To subscribe or log in as a subscriber click on the page-turning icon below or the green "subscribe" button on the right.


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We take a closer look at how truck and bus fleet managers are seeking to find new ways of bringing rising tyre costs under control. The latest global deal between Bridgestone and FirstGroup looks like, well, a real first. Michelin's Effitrailer telematics system is evidently hitting the spot with some big truck fleets. And many transport engineers and fleet managers are watching with keen interest to see if last year's surprise acquisition of Bandvulc by Continental turns out to be the truck tyre business game-changer it promises to be. We get the inside story from the Bandvulc and Conti people who put the deal together.

Among many other people in the news this month is Heiko Selzam, the new UK truck sales director at Mercedes-Benz. Bob Gowans meanwhile is returning to the three-pointed star after a couple of years at Andover Trailers. Several senior managers at both the RHA and FTA are on the move. And workshop and parts staff at Volvo Truck and Renault Truck dealers in the UK have been busy winning international awards.



Here's an offer that surely will be hard to resist for many bikers in the UK commercial vehicle engineering business. The first "Great Transport and Logistics Biker Meet" organised by Transaid, one of the favourite charities in road transport and logistics, is scheduled for next month, Saturday 1 July 2017, at the National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull, West Midlands, just off the M42 near Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre (NEC). 

A £100 ticket (£50 for a pillion passenger) will get you a tour of the excellent museum, a barbeque meal and a prize-draw ticket. A the same time you'll be making what Transaid describes as a "sizeable donation" to its life-saving projects in sub-Saharan Africa.


For more information and tickets click here

or contact Harry Wells, Transaid events officer. E-mail, telephone 020 7387 8136.

Don't delay. Put it in your diary now. Saturday 1 July for Transaid's first "Great Transport & Logistics Biker Meet".




CV Engineer film reviews: and why not?


CILT on vulnerable road-users

The acting is never going to win any Oscar nominations. And gratuitous plugs for the CILT's own magazine and awards scheme are a bit cheesy and irritating. But The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK nevertheless deserves plaudits aplenty for a new ten-minute video delivering a potent message on the moral, economic and legal obligations related to road transport operations. The focus is mainly on vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians, and the target audience is primarily board-level company directors in operations running trucks, buses or coaches. But this video's graphic portrayal of what can happen when road safety is allowed to slip down the priority list of any organisation packs such a punch that it ought to be required viewing for everyone with road transport management responsibilities, no matter how big or small the commercial vehicles they manage. That certainly includes the home-delivery operations which depend on vans and small trucks up to 3.5 tonnes gvw. Based on our shocking revelations of a few years ago, Sainsbury store managers responsible for small home-delivery van fleets and their drivers would be right at the top of our list of those most in need of learning the lessons this video teaches so memorably.

To see the CILT video on YouTube click here











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Thu 22 Jun, 2017

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June 2017

4 Comment
Britain did vote to be poorer. The question now is how best to minimise the damage. Commercial vehicle engineers and politicians are never going to be natural soul-mates. But sometimes the former’s pragmatism and practical problem-solving ability really need to be brought to the fore to counteract the latter’s tendency towards double-talk and dithering myopic incompetence. So it is with the Brexit negotiations which started in Brussels this month, almost twelve months to the day after last year’s infamous and unnecessarily divisive referendum. All the signs are that the European Union negotiating team have used the intervening time to prepare themselves thoroughly. They now evidently have clearly-defined, painstakingly-researched positions on the myriad subjects involved in trying to disentangle a forty-year close trading relationship, not least in road transport and vehicle engineering, while minimising the inevitable damage this will cause. And the British? What a shameful contrast. Nobody in government, from our robot-like prime minister down, seems to have a clue, apart from seeking “the best deal possible for Britain”. Fatuous statements like this, from the same book of drivel that gave us “strong and stable” and “the prime minister is very clear” when in fact she is invariably exactly the opposite, are just what commercial vehicle engineers, surely like every right-minded British citizen, do not need right now. Chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond has been praised recently for suddenly adopting a more level-headed approach to the Brexit negotiations than many of his more fanatical cabinet colleagues. But even Hammond fails to face up fully to reality. The British people did not vote for Brexit to be poorer, he said, seemingly uncontroversially, in this month’s postponed Mansion House speech. Actually he is wrong even about that. They did vote to be poorer, albeit unwittingly in most cases because they were misled by lying politicians and deranged leave campaigners. Being poorer is in fact one inevitable consequence of leaving the European Union, certainly in the short-term and almost equally certainly for decades to come. Indeed every British citizen is already poorer, simply as a result of the devaluation of sterling. The transport and logistics sector is among those at risk of suffering most of all, and soon. As the Freight Transport Association points out forcefully this month, what companies in this sector now need most urgently as they seek to do all they can to minimise Brexit damage to their businesses is “clarity at the earliest possible opportunity, together with a sensible period of transition and implementation to allow time for businesses and authorities alike to adjust to new arrangements.” How likely are we to get this clarity from a government staggering from one existential crisis to another? It is hard to disagree with the depressing conclusion of Henley Business School’s head of marketing. She sees the UK government as “still in denial of the economic reality.”

4 Points of view
Alan Bunting reflects on the long history of Daf Trucks in the UK. An engine remanufacturing body warns of fraudulent activity in its sector. Too many drivers and vehicle operators are still taking risks on tyre safety, warns both the National Tyre Distributors Association and a big supplier of tyre pressure monitoring systems. One-day courses for truck driving instructors are indeed too good to be true, according to the RTITB boss. Think you are fully up to speed with European motoring laws? Maybe you should have a look at the Venson check-list anyway, just to be sure.

8 News
Calls for Brexit clarity from weak and wobbly government grow louder by the day.

10 News
Van-makers' fuel-economy claims shown to be wildly inaccurate.

11 News
Coming clean on the UK's air-quality problems. Wincanton's magnificent seven.

12 News
New director to step up Mercedes truck sales drive in UK. Battery buses to the fore in London and Luxembourg.

14 News from the north
The Transport News Truck Advocate offers well-informed advice on rear under-run protection for skeletal trailers, trailer tests and OCRS, and what the law demands on drivers' weekly rest periods.

15 Game-changers in tyre cost control come out to play
More evolution than revolution? Seems like the other way around right now in the commercial vehicle tyre business. Tim Blakemore reports.

18 News from the north
What's new at this year's APSE show in Aviemore? John Henderson has been finding out.

22 News from the north
What is the secret of success at the company behind the popular Tachomaster tachograph analysis system? Alistair Vallance goes to its imposing Hertfordshire head office in search of answers.

24 People and jobs
Promotion for Nigel Jones in Scania (Great Britain)'s big south-west region. All change among senior management at both the RHA and FTA. Bob Gowans is back at Mercedes-Benz UK. Volvo and Renault Trucks dealers in the UK are celebrating international award success.

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