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   Monday, July 16, 2018
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Commercial Vehicle Engineer is the multi-award-winning online monthly for road transport engineers and fleet managers, delivering a unique blend of independent, well-informed analysis, hard-hitting comment and news on the commercial vehicle market and aftermarket. The June 2018 edition is now online, including news of Schmitz Cargobull plans for the Hannover show in September.

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For operators of rigid tipper trucks and others in the wastes-management sector, tyres invariably account for a big chunk of total operating costs. That helps explain why these operators have been paying more attention than most to recent developments such as last month’s introduction by the European Commission of “anti-dumping” duties on truck and bus tyres made in China. This has nothing to do with the latest crazed trade-war threats by US president Trump but everything to do with the environment and the very survival of European retreaders, it seems. We have the full story plus, on the other side of the tipper tyres costs balance sheet, the latest on tyre pressure management systems.

Just over one year on from his appointment as managing director of the UK’s top-selling truck-maker, we’ve been hearing from Daf Trucks boss Robin Easton about a career path that has brought him back to the UK via Singapore, California, Washington State and India.

Among other people in the news this month are FTA deputy chief executive James Hookham, lambasting the government for its persistent lack of any Brexit clarity; and Martin Hay, preparing to return from Sweden to take over from Claes Jacobsson as Scania (Great Britain) managing director.














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Tue 26 Jun, 2018

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June 2018

4 Comment
Self-driving vehicles: this reality check is long overdue. Thatcham Research, a respected, not-for-profit research centre funded by motor industry insurance companies, went public this month with stinging criticism of the way vehicle manufacturers, car-makers in particular, are introducing ever-increasing levels of “autonomy”. Not before time. Level-headed fleet managers and engineers have long been concerned at the apparent blind faith that many manufacturers apparently have in such trendy systems, and their failure to take proper account of the realities and risks of everyday vehicle operation. They are not alone. Academics and road-safety experts share many of their worries. Here is what David Cebon, professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Cambridge and director of the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight (CSRF), had to say a few months ago following reports that an Uber self-driving Volvo car had killed a pedestrian in Arizona. The driver had switched the car into “autonomous” mode and apparently then assumed, not unreasonably, it could be argued, that she had nothing more to do. For reasons that still remain unclear, the Volvo’s camera and sensor systems failed to detect the pedestrian and the car just ploughed into her. “If safety is the objective, it would be much more effective to develop vehicles that refuse to crash instead of the headlong rush to develop vehicles that drive themselves,” said Cebon. Now this observation has been echoed loudly, in effect, by Thatcham Research director Matthew Avery. “There’s a problem with the manufacturers trying to introduce technology and consumers not being ready for it, not being sure if it’s automated or whether they need to keep watching,” he says. “We want it very clear. Either you are driving, assisted, or you are not driving, automated.” Commercial vehicle manufacturers by and large so far have been rather more measured in their approach to the introduction of driver assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance. But they too surely should take heed of the “autonomous” vehicle warnings now coming from the likes of Thatcham Research and the University of Cambridge.

4 Points of view
Alan Bunting speculates on the real reasons for the sudden keen interest in truck aerodynamics being taken by big suppliers of tyres and lubricants.

5 News
Bio-diesel warning for mobile machinery.

6 News
Cold-chain telematics shaping up to be Hannover headline-grabber.

8 News
Starkest Brexit warnings yet from angry logistics businesses. Top Mercedes truck and van apprentice awards go to Sheffield and Bristol.

9 News
DVSA reacts to vehicle tester “crisis” complaints, but has it gone far enough?

10 Waste-watcher attention focused sharply on tyres and whole-life costs
Keeping tyre costs under close control is a crucial responsibility for any fleet running multi-axle rigid trucks. And the positive and negative effects on these costs can sometimes come from surprising sources. Tim Blakemore reports.

14 Hidden treasures
Just over one year into his new job as boss of the UK’s top-selling truck-maker, Robin Easton is preparing for its move next month into a smart new head office and training centre. But this is by no means the only sparkling jewel in the Daf Trucks and Paccar global crowns. Tim Blakemore reports.

16 News from the north
Transport News editor Alistair Vallance reports from the latest annual Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) show at Aviemore in the Highlands.

20 News from the north
Sound legal advice from the Transport News Truck Advocate on topics such as the Glasgow low-emission zone, driving hours rules for van drivers, and tachograph recalibration.

21 People and jobs
Scania (Great Britain) is to have a new managing director from 1 September. FirstGroup is looking for a new chief executive. Graeme McGregor is Boughton Engineering’s first chief operations officer. Two Renault Trucks apprentices are among the 18 preparing for next month’s semi-final of a big skills competition.

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