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   Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Commercial Vehicle Engineer is the multi-award-winning online monthly for road transport engineers and fleet managers, delivering a unique blend of independent, well-informed analysis, hard-hitting comment and news on the commercial vehicle market and aftermarket. The September 2017 edition is now online, including news of a ground-breaking Optare bus order from New Zealand, and tougher penalties in the UK for drivers' hours regulation breaches.

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We report on a flurry of recent truck product news from the likes of Scania, Daf and Fuso, against the backdrop of UK registration statistics for the first six months of this year. Who is gaining market share, who is losing it and why? The UK truck market has been made much more difficult for everyone to understand since the SMMT decided to stop publishing up-to-date details on registration numbers. We interview SMMT boss Mike Hawes to find out exactly why this happened and whether the outcry over a sudden lack of transparency could lead to a change of heart.

What do you know about truck tyre rolling resistance? It is probably having a far greater effect on your fleet's operating costs than you realise. Chris Durrant from Dynamon explains precisely why.

People in the news this month include top engineers from Cummins, turning their attention from diesel engines to truck and bus electric powertrains on both sides of the Atlantic; Optare president Graham Belgum, gearing up to deliver on the company's biggest order yet from Australasia; and Leon Daniels, preparing to leave his job as Transport for London's surface transport boss. Iveco UK is looking for a new truck business line director following Nick Pemberton's move to Guest Motors. David Graziosi is to be the new Allison Transmission boss from next June. Boughton Engineering has a new southern area sales manager in the UK.

CV Engineer film reviews: and why not?


CILT on vulnerable road-users

The acting is never going to win any Oscar nominations. And gratuitous plugs for the CILT's own magazine and awards scheme are a bit cheesy and irritating. But The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK nevertheless deserves plaudits aplenty for a new ten-minute video delivering a potent message on the moral, economic and legal obligations related to road transport operations. The focus is mainly on vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians, and the target audience is primarily board-level company directors in operations running trucks, buses or coaches. But this video's graphic portrayal of what can happen when road safety is allowed to slip down the priority list of any organisation packs such a punch that it ought to be required viewing for everyone with road transport management responsibilities, no matter how big or small the commercial vehicles they manage. That certainly includes the home-delivery operations which depend on vans and small trucks up to 3.5 tonnes gvw. Based on our shocking revelations of a few years ago, Sainsbury store managers responsible for small home-delivery van fleets and their drivers would be right at the top of our list of those most in need of learning the lessons this video teaches so memorably.

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Mon 25 Sep, 2017

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September 2017

4 Comment
High time government woke up to the root causes of dangerously tired drivers. The tougher fines introduced by draft regulations laid before Parliament this month will help "stamp out" dangerous driving by overtired truck drivers, proclaims the government's Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. Really? Nobody surely would argue with the principle of severe penalties for any driver and operator guilty of serious breaches of European Union driving hours regulations. But safety campaigners and doctors continue to warn that the menace of dangerously unfit drivers of many types of vehicles, not just trucks, urgently needs to be tackled by the government and its agencies in a much more intelligent way, involving far more joined-up thinking. Nearly twelve months ago, in its damning "Driven to despair" report, the influential Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, Julie Mellor, lambasted the Department for Transport (DfT) and its Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). "Our investigation shows that there is fault in the way that DMG (the DVLA's "drivers medical group") assesses fitness to drive, sets standards, administers its process, engages with its stakeholders, and handles complaints." Quite some list. But that's not the end of it. An entirely separate Commercial Vehicle Engineer investigation at about the same time into fees charged by doctors for cursory examinations of truck and bus driving licence holders, and into British Medical Association fee recommendations, suggested that the ombudsman may even have been understating the scale of the problem. Meanwhile, repeated pleas to the government from safety campaigners pointing out that drivers of heavy trucks are by no means the only ones who fall asleep at the wheel with disastrous consequences appear to be falling on deaf ears. Various government agencies, including the National Health Service and the DVSA have failed dismally to respond adequately to a campaign started more than two years ago that seeks to address one of the main root causes of tired drivers: obstructive sleep apnoea (osa). More timely NHS medical treatment for all commercial vehicle drivers suffering from this condition continues to be needed urgently throughout the UK. DVSA chief executive Gareth Llewellyn is right to say there is no excuse for driving while tired. We would add that there is also no excuse for the government's abject failure so far to tackle the problem effectively.

4 Points of view
WheelRight boss John Catling on why tyre pressure management needs a radical rethink. Stertil Koni's Simon Laffoley on the rise and rise of wireless mobile column lifts. Laura Nelson of RTITB on the upsides of in-house training, Pailton Engineering technical manager Nick Jordan on designing in low maintenance costs.

8 News
Tired driver menace will not be removed by tougher fines, government warned.

9 News
Wrong numbers on illegal phone use by drivers. Worrying revelations in the latest RAC Report on Motoring.

10 News
Green light for UK platooning trials next year. Don't get them started on oil leaks: vehicle manufacturers blamed for daft positioning of starters and alternators.

12 News
Cummins chips in to the electric truck and bus driveline switch.

13 News
How's your know-how on transport refrigeration? Both Carrier and Thermo King offer some helpful guidance. Big Kiwi order for Optare Metrocity.

14 Under-currents in the UK truck market
Daf Trucks has strengthened its position as overall top-seller above six tonnes gvw. Mercedes has bounced back big time. Volvo's on the up and up and Scania is determined to halt a bit of a sales slide. MAN seems to have taken its eye off the ball as it focuses on vans. Tim Blakemore tries to fathom out the main trends behind the latest threadbare registration statistics.

18 Too much like a secret society?
Why exactly are truck, bus and coach operators and their suppliers in the UK being denied access to detailed registrations figures which have been published for decades hitherto? And what are the chances of a system that was far from broken being restored to full working order? Tim Blakemore quizzes SMMT boss Mike Hawes in search of definitive answers.

20 News from the north
The Transport News Truck Advocate with advice on container twist-locks; the law on breaks from driving; and tyre sizes.

22 News from the north
Who's been buying what lately north of Hadrian's Wall.

26 Burning rubber: the true and surprising cost of rolling resistance.
Chris Durrant, head of analytics at Dynamon, a Southampton-based organisation specialising in fuel saving, explains why commercial vehicle tyre choice matters more than you may realise.

29 People and jobs
Iveco UK needs a new truck business line director following Nick Pemberton's departure. Leon Daniels is set to leave Transport for London. Allison Transmission will have a new chief executive from next June. Boughton Engineering has a new southern area sales manager.

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